What We Do

The Tri Senates of Southern California plays host to three major tournaments per year. These tournaments offer a wealth of bowling competition with large prize fund payouts for the team events, Optional Men, Women and Mixed Doubles Events, Men and Women Singles Events (both scratch and handicap), a variety of side-pots and brackets! The first tournament starts of the summer season and is our weekend Palm Springs Senior tournament and is usually held in June. The second tournament is our 5-man match tournament  held in August and the final event of the year is our TriSenate Trio tournament usually the first Saturday in December

Our History

The Tri-Senates of Southern California was founded in 2006 with the goal and purpose of creating match game competition originally between the three bowling senates of the National Bowling Association located in the Southern California area: Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire. Since then, the Antelope Valley (Palmdale) Senate has been added. These four bowling senates rotate the hosting of these match game tournament four times per year. These events have grown to become very popular events show casing the best that TNBA has to offer in the Southern California area. New bowlers are becoming TNBA members as well as old members are renewing their membership status to participate in the ever popular tournaments and are often sold out several months in advance.